About us

Great work works.

We create messages. With our hearts and passion. The long-term and lasting success of our clients is the focus of our work. A brand is successful when it leaves a lasting impression and when its target group can identify with its message. Our goal is to write a personal success story for our clients, thanks to the right strategy and based on our experience.

The first advertising agency in Biel

Almost 50 years ago, advertiser Didier Weiss moved to the shores of Lake Biel where he founded the city’s first advertising agency. His passion was to tell his clients’ stories. In the craziest and most colourful way possible. He was very successful at it. He also fell in love with the area to which both he and the agency have remained faithful to this day.

Independent and owner-managed

Still independent. Still owner-managed. Both current owners, Marc and Patrick Weiss, David Weiss’ sons, are part of our long-term staff. The continuity involved in a family-owned company has an effect on our daily work. The long-term success of our customers is much more important to us than short-term thinking and quick profits.

A great deal of experience in a small package

Up to now, we have successfully implemented countless campaigns and projects in a great variety of fields. The experience and knowledge we have gained help us to perfectly stage products, people and brands. Our goal is to create exceptional stories and develop clever solutions, whether analogue, digital or cross-media.


Core competences

Our strength is our team

Young, highly trained and technology-savvy people. We live and breathe creativity and development. We implement global digital projects using clever solutions. And we passionately take care of brands, create emotional messages and develop durable strategies.

We are constantly rediscovering ourselves and our clients. This way, it stays exiting. For all of us.


Strategy & Storytelling

The world of brands has changed. It is not just the surface which matters today. On the contrary, the back-story is essential too. Fascinatingly told. Cleverly packaged. Distributed cross-media.



We translate strategies and storytelling into design. Their identity makes companies unique and brands valuable.

Start, Precision 


The area in which we are growing fastest. Intelligent, networked online solutions, social media, customer-friendly e-shops and digital worlds have become our exciting daily fare.


We are wcd

weiss communication + design has been writing, creating and planning stories for its clients for almost 50 years. The name represents a driven team. A team which always commits passionately to client projects.

Marc Weiss 

Marc Weiss

Consulting, Creative Direction
Patrick Weiss

Patrick Weiss

Consulting, Strategy, Finances
Grafik Designerin

Nora Wieszinski

Art Direction

Chantal Kocher

Graphic Design / Interaction Design

Susanne Mani

Graphic Design / Interaction Design

Michèle Kunz

Consulting / Project Management

Jakub Novák

Interactive Media Designer

Jeremy Grlj

Interactive Media Design

Nicolas Hermle

Graphic Design

Nicolas De Nisco

Content Producer/Project Manager

Annabel Fritschi

Interactive Media Design

Gabriela Loja-Guaillas

Interactive Media Design

We tell your story

The right communication creates trust, bringing people and companies together. Branding, content, corporate publishing and campaigns are just a few elements of company communication. We make these elements work together to convey these values externally.

Design, language and emotions - with these three elements we create the convincing appearance of a brand and thus trigger a very specific feeling in the customer: Trust. We convey values and tell a very individual story with convincing design.

Tailor-made, appealing communication strategies and conveying relevant information are our strengths. We help our clients to stay in the memory of their target group. Whether offline, online or mobile, we take stories further and support our clients in the optimal choice of various communication channels.

The web offers a multitude of opportunities to tell stories. Accordingly, it is important to coordinate design, content and technology and to provide the user with an exceptional experience. Whether with the design of a surprising website, the convincing features of a successful e-shop, the freshness of a social media campaign, we help our clients find the right form for you. Image videos and scribblemovies continue to captivate the viewer. Complex issues are quickly made understandable, appear fresh and guarantee attention.

Campaigns live on emotions - here a brand has the opportunity to convince within a short time. Well thought-out campaigns can help brands achieve a very special recognition value through innovative messages. We create exciting campaigns to build a connection between companies and their target groups.

Corporate publishing creates a bond between customers, a company and its employees. Whether it's a classic customer magazine, image brochure, annual report or internal communication measure, we create interesting and high-quality platforms for dialogue between a brand and its target group.


These clients trust us

We guide ambitious companies in a variety of fields. We support them with efficient communication measures and make sure their message is understood.