Brechbühl Interieur



Brechbühl Interieur is a traditional design and furniture store that has been in business for over 100 years. It operates a spacious sales outlet in Nidau that is very popular in the region. In 2019, Dominko Madjura and his management team decided to modernize the company on various levels. The result is a new website with various features, a new CI/CD and an intensification of digital marketing and social media channels.


The realisation

The world of design, with its harmoniously designed interiors and classic furniture, is fascinating. To rejuvenate and expand the customer base, the challenge was to transport the retail store experience into the digital world. During joint brainstorming sessions and workshops, the needs of Brechbühl Interieur were defined and the possibilities of modern storytelling were identified. The result is a variety of digital content and a new overall look.

Our job

Design of new CI/CD, new website, launch of digital marketing tools.


Icon of the month

The launch of the new website was accompanied by the introduction of a lifestyle blog, digital marketing tools and a relaunch on various social media platforms. As a special, wcd created the "Icon of the Month" for Brechbühl Interieur. This format allows the design and furniture store to highlight their many flagship pieces by theme.