Popup Lindenegg


Popup Lindenegg 1

The story

Villa Lindenegg is a classic villa with an eventful history and much tradition. To prevent the villa from standing empty for a few months before the planned total renovation, the city of Biel was looking for a pop-up interim use. The Scratch team took up the challenge and transformed the villa into a hip pop-up hotel for a few months.

Popup Lindenegg 2
92%Room occupancy

The realisation

The pop-up was characterised by an original gastronomic concept, high-quality food, a unique ambience, sophisticated events and relaxing overnight accommodation. In the old city villa and its park-like surroundings, you could sit back and enjoy the finer things in life.

Original, exciting storytelling ensured that both the restaurant and the hotel rooms were always better than average. Wcd was responsible for all communication measures: Logo, branding, website with online connection to Booking.com and hotel software, brochures, event flyers, menu cards, photography, signage and social media activities.

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