TALK TeleBielingue

Superficial things don't interest me.


...strong words from a strong talk show host. This statement by Roland Itten is at the centre of the campaign of the local TV station TeleBielingue, with which it is promoting its own production TALK. TALK is an extremely popular programme that looks beneath the surface and allows for in-depth conversations. In addition to Itten, the French-speaking presenter Claudia Nuara ("Ce qui m'interesse c'est vous.") and Sophie Hostettler are also part of the campaign.

TALK TeleBielingue 1

The realisation

The presenters depicted in the campaign all have a very strong charisma. They are also well-known and popular in the region for their conversations with guests and personalities. In the implementation of the campaign, care was taken to ensure that the characteristics and characters of the presenters are optimally portrayed in appropriately staged portraits, complemented by strong statements. Definitely an eye-catcher.

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