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The story

Fromages Spielhofer is a family business run by the second generation. Produced according to old artisan traditions but with the most modern means, the cheese is among the highest quality in the region. In a further step, Fromages Spielhofer opened a fine-food shop in Biel's old town, selling cheese and regional specialities.


Different types of cheese

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The realisation

Working closely with the family business is a very varied and challenging task. challenging task. In addition to the implementation of an opening campaign for the fine food shop in Biel's old town, the shop is actively advertised in digital and print media. The focus is always on high-quality imagery that reflects the quality of the products and attracts the attention of the clientele.

Our job

Communication consulting, opening campaign, creation and production of flyer, e-shop, photography (product shot), packaging, carrier bag, EHCB promotion.

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