The Prix Engagement
of the City of Biel

And the winner is ...


Three years ago, the city of Biel launched the "Prix Engagement" competition. This competition rewards innovative and economically successful property renovations. In addition, the prize is intended to motivate property owners to realise further new projects. The aim is to achieve an attractive cityscape.

The Prix Engagement <br> of the City of Biel 1

The realisation

The city of Biel is at the centre. This is also the reason for the design of the trophy. Based on the Biel city coat of arms, the two crossing axes were replaced by two hammers. The logo is also based on the corporate design of the city of Biel. In addition, a flyer and video were created to attract attention.

Number of participants


Out of 20 participants, the three best property renovations were awarded prizes.


Our job

Prix Engagement communication campaign, logo creation, design trophy, flyer, video.